Create, manage and trade NFT's

Creativity remains in your control as you produce digital assets that can be traded in the blockchain. Perfect for all creators including musicians, game designers, illustrators, visual artists, graphic artists, filmmakers, writers and brands.

Create and Mint

Tokens and NFTs can be minted on-the-fly across multiple blockchains. Start on lower cost blockchains and move to more costly ones as needed.

Custom Attributes

Define the attributes for your NFT including the core contract, visuals, ownership, mixed assets, permissions, tagging, metadata and everything in between.

Buy, Sell & Trade

Trade your NFT on TokenCraft or embed on your own site or app. Engage your potential buyers with an Award Pool Challenge and easily track after-market trades.


Creating NFT's can be eco-friendly with the option to choose environmental conscience blockchains.

Fungible and Non-Fungible

Based on the ERC20 and ERC721 specification. Support for both Ethereum and Celo Blockchains.

No Crypto Experience Required

No need to understand how crypto wallets work. Wallets, addresses and transfers are all managed for you.

Safe, Secure and Sustainable


Your creative assets are safe, secure and won’t be lost over time. Secured on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system, you can be assured your NFT will be sustained forever.

Unlockable Encrypted Content

Only the owner of the token can access the AES encrypted content such as image, video or any type of digital assets (Music, Video, 3D, Games, downloads, etc).

Key Features Include

TokenCraft offers a traceable, transparent mechanism for tracking all of the items in your creative asset.

Some key features of the Token Craft Platform include:

Automatic NFT creation including the render hi-res image assets
Drops for scheduled mints
Mint after purchases
Royalty management
Assets stored on IPFS or AWS
Embed into sites and platforms
Rights / license management
Resale tracking
Escrow Services
Multi-chain transfer
Redemption system
QR Code Creation
Customizable landing pages

Don’t wait! Share your creativity with the world

Perfect for all types of creators, artists and businesses.

NFT can represent any unique digital asset including;
Art, Videos, Trading Cards, Downloads, Games & Game Assets, Tickets, Music, Licensing/Digital Rights and more!